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6 Genuine Mi Flash Sale Tricks You Should Know

Mi Flash Sale Tricks

Some smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, Asus sale their smartphones in flash sale. As the demand of the smartphones is growing day by day it’s harder to get a good smartphone in just after release as it is not available for open sale. So it’s time to know some Mi flash sale tricks.

As the name suggest flash sales are available for a limited period of time. Although the time duration may have 1 hour or something like that, the product goes out of stock in minutes. Now Xiaomi has also started flash sales for Mi bands, Mi tv, etc as well.

It is really hard now to buy a product on flash sale. Moreover, we have to wait until the next flash sale which may be 1-month later or more. Especially during the first flash sale of any Xiaomi’s product, they go out of stocks within 1-2 minutes. So the eager to get the smartphone may go to tank.

There are some Mi flash sale tricks you can apply to increase your chances of getting a smartphone during the rush.

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Some Mi flash sale tricks

There are some tricks you can apply to keep your hope alive for getting a product. You may apply this trick to any flash sale because more or less every flash sale is the same.

1 – Make sure you have a fast internet connection

The speed of the internet is the most important factor when it comes to purchasing any product during Mi flash sale or any other.

As the process happens in seconds, you need to make sure that your internet is working fine. Do this phase before 10-15 minutes before. Double check your Wi-Fi and router or any medium that provides you the connectivity. You may check your Internet speed here.

Internet speed test

Faster internet connection leads to faster webpage loading and better change to be in the race.

2 – Log in at least 10 minutes before the starting of flash sale

As you are waiting for the flash sale, then you know where the flash sale will start. It may be Mi.com, Amazon or Flipkart. So make sure you have already Sign Up there and have accounts. If not then do sign up to the site where the flash sale will start.

Mi flash sale tricks

Log in to your account 10-15 minutes before. You will get the benefit of an early log and got some time to do the initial things.

During the time you may decide some important things. Decided the smartphone’s color and RAM/storage option you want to buy. You will not take time during the flash sale to decide these things.

3 – Keep refreshing the product page

You will get the product page too early where you will buy the product. Then log in and be there before the flash sale start.

Most of the time everything remains the same except the Buy Now button. The Buy Now button will appear when the sale starts. Keep refreshing the page in 10-20 second interval.

The flash timing often set with the Internet time. Adjust your clock to the same. Check your clock whether it’s right or not according to the flash sale.

Another extra thing you may do. Keep your pointer on the Buy Now button so that you can click as soon as it appears. So you will not waste a valuable 1-2 second to position your pointer towards the button even.

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4 – Use an auto-buy browser extension

This is the trick you are waiting for. Most of the people don’t have an idea about these browser extensions.

There are some Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that multiply the change of getting a product.

These extensions have more or less the same features. These extensions automatically add a product for you. Then you need to complete the further steps. As the process is automated you may not get the product on the card as you are expecting. Because the exact product you are expecting may be out of stock that particular time. You are not bound to buy the product that has added in the cart. You may simply remove that product and choose your preferred one.

Some of the browser extensions we can recommend are FlashSaleTricksFlashSale AutoBuy. You should try one of it to increase your chances of getting a product. Do some research to know what and how the extension works. This will give you more idea about how the extension works and how you can book one smartphone using this.

Auto buy extension

There are some more advanced tricks some people recommend but we don’t recommend that because often these tricks need technical skill and everyone is not a tech geek. So better to go with the above browser extensions.

5 – Use Cash On Delivery option

If you have added a smartphone on the cart then its time to do the further steps. Fill the delivery address and choose one payment method.

You may apply a Mi flash sale trick here. You can choose the payment method as Cash On Delivery (COD) if available. It will save most of the time. Because you have to order the product within a limited amount of time. Most of the time the duration is 10-15 minutes. Online payment methods take some time to complete. So if you want to pay in that form then you can save your credit/debit card for faster checkout.

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6 – Set a reminder for the next flash sale

If you have booked a smartphone by following the above tricks then congratulation. If not, then it’s ok. It’s one type of lottery no matter what you try, where you may not get the change. Most of the time you may succeed to get one product by following the above tricks.

Mi flash sale tricks

Mi flash sales occur in regular interval. So if don’t have any product in the ongoing sale then you can grab it next time.

Try to know the next flash sale date and set a reminder for it. In this way, you can get it next time.

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These are some Mi flash sale tricks you can apply to except a better change. To say frankly, no trick or auto buy extension can give you 100% guaranteed success in any flash sales. Because thousands of people like you are using the extensions to buy that smartphone. But to increase the change of getting, you should use one of the above extension.

I have listed some tricks that seem useless but have some real value. You can even allow the above tricks in any flash sale as well.