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How to Download Facebook Story on Android Mobile

One open secret of today’s social media is trends drive every decision. So, once Snapchat’s story became a ‘thing’ among netizens, no social media platform was ready to let that opportunity go. Facebook, too, introduced the Story feature allowing users to share content that lasts on the platform just for 24 hrs. As Facebook stories disappear automatically after 24 hrs, a constant query each Fb user has is how to download Facebook story.

Based on Facebook’s default features, users can save stories on Facebook for later, however, it is not possible to download stories to access them later without logging in on Facebook. So, if you want access to FB stories even when you are not using Fb, you can do so using other supporting online applications. Ask how? Well, the answer is right here in this article. Here we discuss how you can download Facebook story videos using other applications such as Snaptube.

Part 1: Download Facebook Stories Easily With Snaptube
Part 2: Why Snaptube Is The Best To Download Facebook Story?
Part 3: Step-By-Step Process To Download Facebook Stories Using Snaptube
Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Download Facebook Stories Easily With Snaptube Downloader

If you are looking for a convenient way to download a Facebook story video, you can do that by following 3 simple steps with Snaptube story saver for Facebook . Using Snaptube has certain added benefits. Like, you don’t need to worry about whether the app is safe to use, and you can download as many story videos as you wish. The biggest high of using Snaptube is you can avail of all of these features without incurring any cost. Yes, Snaptube is free!

Why Snaptube Is The Best To Download Facebook Story?

There’s no denying that Facebook, despite the growing popularity of other social media platforms, has a unique charm and often stuns its users being the powerhouse of excellent video content. However, the majority of these videos are uploaded as reels and then the video owners share them in stories for better reach.

So, if you are looking for Facebook reels video download in gallery, we totally get you. It’s sometimes problematic to access Fb just because you need access to a video, and in many cases, you can’t even find it on FB. Let’s accept it. We save a lot of content on Fb and it’s too difficult to find exactly what we are looking for in times of need. Snaptube solves this issue for you by offering you Facebook save story features on the app.

Step-By-Step Process To Download Facebook Stories Using Snaptube

Now that you know Snaptube makes From Facebook download story possible and convenient for you, the next question is how to use this story saver for Facebook like a pro! Well, the first step is of course downloading and installing the Snaptube app. Thereafter, you can straightaway download Fb stories on your phone.

Step 1 – Download The Snaptube Application To Save Facebook Stories

To download the Snaptube app, open an internet browser from your device and search ‘Snaptube’. From the result page, open the official site of Snaptube. On the site, you can see the download button, from where you can download the Snaptube APK.

After downloading you have to start the installation. Make sure you allow access to unknown sources following the phone settings pathway as Settings > security > unknown sources > allow. After completing this step, you can install Snaptube successfully.

Step 2: Copy The Facebook Story Link

The next step in this guide is to download Facebook story with link. Again, you can do this swiftly by following our directions. First, open the story and tap on the dots on the right. There you can see the ‘copy link’ option. Tap on that to copy the link. So, the framework goes like this:

Open Fb stories > Tap on three dots on right > tap on ‘copy link’ option.

Step 3: Download Facebook Story Videos In The Gallery

The last step of how to download Facebook story is about having the Fb Story saved in your gallery using Snaptube. For that, open Snaptube and paste the link on the search tab. Snaptube shows the Fb Story video as a result. You have to click on the download icon on the right of the video result to download and save it.

If you are on this page looking for an answer to how to download a Facebook story, we bet you have every bit of information you were looking for! Yes, you can download the Facebook story following 3 simple steps. So, download Snaptube, copy the story video you loved on Facebook, save it in the gallery for future use, and never lose a good video ever!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q: Can I save other users’ Facebook stories?

A: Facebook pays the highest degree of control to users in terms of their preference to share information with others. So, if you check out the stories posted by other users for public viewing, you can definitely save them for later watch. Additionally, to download a Facebook story in the gallery, you can use a supporting application such as Snaptube.

Q: How to download Facebook story with Music?

A: You can download any story uploaded on Fb including stories with music using Snaptube. All you have to download Snaptube on your device, copy the Fb story link, and paste it into the Snaptube search box to download it.

Q: Is it safe to download Facebook stories?

A: Downloading Fb stories from Snaptube is completely safe. It is apparent that users frown upon the cyber threat associated with using certain applications but with Snaptube, there’s no need to worry about it. Because Snaptube understands the security concerns of its users and ensures to meet every cybersecurity standard to protect its users.

Q: Is it possible to find Facebook stories after 24hrs?

A: The algorithm of Facebook makes stories available to users only for 24 hrs. After that, it gets automatically removed forever. You can save them as well for later watch on the Facebook app. However, if your goal is to gain access to Facebook stories offline by saving them in the gallery, you can use online applications such as Snaptube.