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Best Video Editors for PC?

 Best video editors for pc? 

With tons of floating visual content on the internet, a stunning video can do wonders for your brand’s success! Video editing software can give your video an impressive look that would delight your audience.

Are you a budding YouTuber? You must be looking for a powerful video editor that is easy to use. A video editor is not just for professionals working in Hollywood or pro editors. It is handy for anyone who wants to shoot a holiday with family or create spectacular videos for web content.

A good video editor can aid in showcasing your products at the perfect angle. Videos can be made more engaging to drive organic traffic.

Enhancing the quality of your videos can help you have an edge over your competitors in the market. Using a video editor, you can produce professional promos for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or other social media platforms.

With numerous video editors available online, it is wise to choose the best video editor as per your requirement and budget.


How To Choose the Best Video Editor?

The best video editor will help you create epic footage. Some video editors are aimed for amateur video editors, while others are for professionals. With the best online video editors, even novices get a chance to add stunning templates and filters and perform multicam editing.

In a world of fierce competition, picking up the apt video editor is a must.

  • Go for a video editing software that would help you with your marketing strategy.\
  • Keep your budget in mind and compare the prices.
  • Check for the hardware requirement.
  • Look for ease of use.
  • Decide whether to buy an online video editor or a downloadable one.
  • Carefully scan the features of various video editors on your list and compare them.
  • Try a trial version of a video editor if available. Then, decide to purchase.


Few Picks for Video Editors

Here are the best online video editors 2021 for PC, along with the features. There are many others that are beginner-friendly. Pick carefully the one that best suits your needs and is budget-friendly.

  • CyberLink PowerDirector 365: It is an everyday use video editor offering all the features to its customers. It is easy to use and provides consumers with an array of tools based on the latest technology.

With PowerDirector, consumers can access the Shutterstock library. It offers the fastest rendering.

Key Features:

  • Clear UI
  • Multicam Editing
  • Screen Recording
  • 3D Capability
  • Tons of Effects
  • Motion Sensing
  • Fast


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC: With tons of organizational tools, Premiere Pro CC is one of the best online video editors 2021. It comes with a professional-level editing program. It is perfect for professionals. Premiere Pro CC has got a rich ecosystem.

Premiere Pro’s latest update has made it a bestseller. This updated version comes with a one-week free trial.

Key Features:

  • Clear UI
  • Responsive Speed
  • Stunning Stabilization
  • Multi-Cam Angles
  • Unique Video Editing
  • Tons of Organizational Tools
  • Movavi Video Editor Plus: Are you a novice in video editing? This is the best online video editor in 2021 if you are new to video creation. Movavi’s best feature is that it is handy for all. One can create, edit, and compile videos with ease.

It comes with lovely effects and animations to incorporate into your video. It provides support for different file formats.


Key Features:

  • Upload videos directly to YouTube
  • Sound library
  • Animations and special themes
  • Supports various file formats


  • DaVinci Resolve: It is an incredible video editor for experts and pro editors. It comes with all color grading, cutting, keyframing, and audio tools that enthusiasts look for.

A free version is available too and astonishingly, it is robust! It offers motion graphics, audio editing and standard editing. The free version is popular among gamers and YouTubers.

Key Features:

  • Professional editing and cutting tools
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Color grading tools
  • Powerful audio tools
  • High-performance playback
  • Super-cool 3D tools


  • Lightworks: It has got a simple user interface. Lightworks provides video tutorials for users to learn and easily pick up. It aids in creating videos with a polished look for successful marketing.

Lightworks offers easy exporting of videos to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo. It is one of the best online video editors 2021 as it is available for free!

Key Features:

  • Versatile color and brightness adjustments
  • Real-time effects
  • Video routing.
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Advanced multicam editing


  • VideoPad: Are you willing to film a fancy video of your friends partying at the beach? You may want to choose VideoPad to give a polish to your video.

VideoPad is great for beginners and is available for free. All sorts of simple, easy to use, and exciting features come along with this online video editing software.

It offers customized transitions to add glow to your videos before uploading them to your gram account!


Key Features:

  •  Double built-in screen
  • Customized transitions
  • Fancy effects
  • Exporting presets
  • Social media sharing tools
  • Stabilization


  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate: It is an extremely fast rendering program packed with features. Its 2021 update makes it one of the best online video editors 2021. The update has enhanced its performance and stability.

It comes with a simple UI. It offers support for 360-degree VR. You can create excellent movies with this easy-to-learn software.

Key Features:

  • Clear, simple interface
  • Color grading
  • Motion tracking
  • Extremely fast rendering
  • Support for 3D media

The best online video editors 2021 can be pricey but are outstanding for brands to beat the competition in the market. If you are a business professional and aren’t using videos for promotional content, you are missing out a great deal!

Promoting via video is among the marketing strategies of successful business professionals. Videos let you flaunt your brand to customers while maintaining a connection.

With the right editing tools, videos can drive huge traffic and engagement.

Super cool video editors are available on the internet. Use them to format your learning videos. Videos aiming to train people require proper data aligned with statistics. People can be better trained with well-edited videos.