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Free DRM Removal Software And Apps

Free DRM Removal Software And Apps

In the open internet, it is quite hard to maintain privacy and rights all the time. Many content makers protect their product or services through some sort of copywriting. They sometimes use some encryption technology to protect them as well. Do you know some free DRM removal software?

If you have downloaded any DRM-protected music, then you have probably realized how restrictive this DRM technology is. After that, you have faced many problems to open and use the file.

Thanks to free DRM removal software for making it possible. Here we will discuss some of the best free DRM removal software that can remove this digital copyright.

In this compressive article we will discuss everything like what is DRM, how does DRM work, how to check a file is DRM protected or not, etc.

So let’s start.

What is DRM?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management is a scheme that controls access to copyrighted material using some encryption technology.

It is using in various formats like ebooks, DVD, music tracks, video files, documents, games, movies, emails, etc.

In simple English, DRM is all about copyright protection.

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How do DRM works?

DRM applies some technological restrictions that restrict users to do a certain task with digital media.

For example, if a song is protected with DRM you can only listen to it but can’t copy or share it. In the case of an ebook, you can view it in a certain type of device.

Usually, DRM is a two-part scheme. The first part DRM is certain encryption to protect the content itself. The second is an authentication system that ensures users who are authorized can unlock the files only. The authentication includes licenses, keys, login-password combinations, etc.

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How to check a file is DRM protected or not?

You may have the curiosity to know how to check a file is DRM protected or not. Let’s see how you can.

If you have any media file in your PC and want to check it then follow these steps.

  • Choose the media file that you want to check whether it is DRM protected or not.
  • Right click on the file and select Properties.
  • Now the Properties window will appear. Now switch to Details. In the Content section, you will find the Protected You will see “Yes” or “Not”.

check DRM protection

This is the easiest way to check a file whether it is DRM protection.

Free DRM removal software

So you want to remove DRM encryption? Then you can do this by using some free DRM removal tools.

1 – myFairTunes

myFairTunes is a free tool to convert and removes DRM encryption from iTunes M4P music.

Using this tool you can search DRM protected music in the entire collection. This program is specially designed to work with iTunes. This process the items in its own library.

You can see the progress of the conversion and other logs of various actions running in the background. It displays in the Status area of myFairTunes software.

2 – Requiem

Requiem is another freeware DRM remover for iTunes files. It removes DRM restriction from various digital formats like iTunes songs, videos, and EBooks.

Requiem is available for both Windows and Mac. So choose accordingly. Don’t worry about a loss of quality because Requiem does not decode the files themselves.

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3 – SoundTaxi

SoundTaxi uses Windows Media Player to remove DRM protection. It records the original file in high speed and produces a DRM-free version.

This tool supports various file formats (audio and video) and can batch process folders.

It can also recreate the whole original folder structure with the DRM-free outputted files.

4 – Calibre

Caliber is a free ebook DRM converter. It supports 50+ ebook formats. You can simply remove DRM encryption by importing books into Calibre’s library.

The simple drag and drop interface makes the process simple and hustles free. This tool helps you to remove ebook DRM. So you have no restriction and read purchases on any devices, including competing e-readers.

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So these are some of the best free DRM removal software you can use. If you want to remove the DRM encryption then use these tool and enjoy the freedom of using files.