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How To Save a Video From Messenger | How To Download Video From Facebook Messenger

How To Download Video From Facebook Messenger

How To Download Video From Facebook Messenger: Facebook has become a major social media platform now. Millions of Images and videos are shared on this giant platform. Thousands of videos are sharing on the messenger. Have you ever see a video on Facebook messenger and wish to download the same? You may have some time. Do you know how to download videos from Facebook messenger?

If not then don’t worry, I will tell you some methods to download videos from the messenger. So let’s dive into it.

Methods to Download Video From Facebook Messenger

There are mainly 2 methods to download videos from the Facebook messenger.

  • Direct method
  • Third-party method

Method 1: Direct method

As the method suggest, with the help of this method you can able to download the video directly from the messenger. But in this method, you can only download the videos that someone made and send to you or convert already and send to you the downloaded video.

If you want to download a shared Facebook video, then you will have to use 3rd-party Facebook video downloader apps or some 3rd-party websites. I will discuss it in the second method.

Here is a step by step procedure to download the video. Follow the below steps to download a video from Messenger directly.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone.
  2. Head to the chat section and select one.
  3. Find the video you want to save.
  4. Long press hold on the video.
  5. Tap “Save” (on iPhone) button or “Save video” (on Android) button to download a video.

This is the easiest method to download video from a messenger. But, as I mentioned earlier, you can download only converted video, not shared videos.

Note: The updated version of Facebook messenger app may contain different procedure.

Method 2: Through 3rd-party apps or website

You can use this method to download any shared video. In this case, you can use 3rd-party apps or websites. Because Facebook doesn’t provide any direct method to download any video on its platform,

Let’s first discuss the apps. Google play store is full of apps that allow you to download.

But the recommended one is Video Downloader for a Facebook app. The app is just 3.2M and has 4.6 rating and 50 million downloads on Play Store.

You have to log in with Facebook so that you can browse and download any video.

But some people don’t want to install third-party apps on their handset that uses the Facebook credentials. It is obvious also.

So you can go on some websites. Let’s discuss that also.

In the website method, you have to just copy and paste the video URL. You can easily find the video URL directly on the video. After pasting the URL, the site will provide you a download link through which you can easily download the video. In some cases, you can choose the video quality also.

Some best websites to download Facebook videos are fbdown, getfvid, saveas etc.

Final thoughts

So here’s how to download video from the Facebook messenger. Sometimes the video is like download material and you want to save it in your phone’s storage. In this case, these methods will help you.

Which method do you want to try? Feel free to comment me below and let me know.

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