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What is FTTH Modem | BSNL FTTH Modem or ONT Modem Full Details Explained

What is FTTH Modem

Before going to discuss on BSNL modem let’s take a look at FTTH modem.

FTTH is the abbreviation of Fiber to the home (FTTH). It is also called “fiber to the premises” (FTTP).

This is a new technology used in the field of wired internet connections. FTTH uses an optical fiber cable. These wires have very high bandwidth and can transfer a lot of data.

In the traditional Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) or DSL, they use conventional copper cable. This has low bandwidth and low data transfer rate.

So these days, all the modern connections use FTTH technology for better output.

FTTH modem converts the optical signal coming from the optical fiber cable to digital signal.

BSNL FTTH Modem or ONT Modem

BSNL FTTH Modem: Bharat Sanchar Private Limited is one of the largest telecommunication company having millions of user base. It provides verities of services like telephone services, broadband services, etc.

BSNL is one of the largest broadband service provider in the country. By seeing the growing demand for high-speed internet, BSNL has introduced FTTH Technology.

So, if you are planning to have a BSNL FTTH connection or want to know about the BSNL FTTH modem, then you are in the right place. Let’s dive into it.

What is a BSNL FTTH?

Before going to discuss anything long on this topic, let’s start from the root. FTTH stands for Fiber to the Home. It is commonly called as FTTH BSNL Broadband or BSNL Fiber Broadband. It is an advanced technology used by BSNL in which fiber optic cable is used instead of copper wire. In traditional copper wire, the signal is transmitted in the form of current. But in fiber optic cable the signal is transmitted in form of light.

Needless to say that fiber optic cable is super fast than the traditional copper wire.

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Advantages of fiber optic cable

  • Better bandwidth and speed.
  • Experience less signal loss when traveling over a long distance.
  • Digital transmission of data
  • Less maintainace charge.

BSNL FTTH architecture

To say frankly, BSNL FTTH architecture is quite complex. Here is the full architecture.


BSNL provides bellow services over FTTH

These are some of the services you can get

  • TV over IP Service (MPEG2).
  • Video on Demand (VoD)(MPEG4) play like VCR
  • Remote Education
  • Audio on Demand Service
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Bandwidth on Demand (User and or service configurable)
  • Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point Video Conferencing, virtual classroom
  • Voice and Video Telephony over IP: Connection under control of centrally located soft switches
  • VPN on broadband
  • Dial-up VPN Service
  • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)


You can’t use your current ADSL Modem for BSNL FTTH broadband connection because the technology differs.

So you have use ONT Modem. FTTH modem is also called as ONT. ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal. An ONT Modem is quite costlier than the ADSL modem. ONT modem does not come with inbuilt Wi-Fi functionality. So you have to purchase an additional Wi-Fi router to enjoy wireless internet.

FTTH modem converts optical signal flows on the optical fiber cable to the digital signal.

BSNL mentioned that you can purchase an ONT from the market which is subject to interoperability with BSNL. There are few ONT available online as well. But I am not sure about the compatibility.

BSNL provides ONT on a rental basis. You can take one of them and buy a god Wi-Fi router. You can save some money this way.

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How to Book BharatFiber or BSNL FTTH

Book Bharatfiber or BSNL FTTH by sending send SMS BHARATFIBER to 54141 (from BSNL mobile) or to 9400054141(from other operators).

Feel free to check out some BSNL FTTH plans 2019.


These are some of the details you ever want to know about BSNL FTTH modem. So if you are intended to buy any plan then head to the BSNL official website and grab the necessary information.