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Popular Cricket Betting Apps for Android and iOS in India 2022

With all these circumstances in mind, we decided to help you highlight which cricket betting apps are best for you.

Popular Cricket Betting Apps for Android and iOS

Mobile betting has skyrocketed today. As a result, more than 80% of today’s gamers bet on handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets.

In addition to general betting, mobileĀ cricket betting applications are also gradually growing: first-tier cricket, one-day matches, or even T20. The supply-side or bookmakers try to compete with this incredible demand by providing better conditions for players. However, their number increases, and the number of products on the market can confuse everyone.

Cricket betting offerings

There are three different forms of cricket betting. Apart from first-class cricket, which is only known for four or five days, there is limited-overs cricket with a duration of one day’s play. A modern form of the game with a maximum number of overs of 20 is Twenty20 cricket.

It was introduced to offer a more dynamic game form for spectators both in the stadium and in front of the television.

Bonus promotions

Bonus promotions are something great for us betting fans. We can use them to increase our profits, sometimes significantly, or to be able to make our predictions without any financial risk. For example, if you want to start betting on cricket online, a new customer bonus is waiting for you.

In addition to this welcome offer, you will also find regular offers in bonus promotions from top bookmakers. However, they are very hard to find with cricket betting providers who tailor their recommendations specifically for Indian players. The sport is growing in popularity, but it currently lags far behind other disciplines such as handball, basketball, or ice hockey betting.

Nevertheless, fans of extensive betting can take advantage of the combined bonus many bookmakers offer. If you combine several games, you will get a percentage bonus on your potential winnings.

Cricket betting strategy

Cricket is a fairly complex sport, and before you make your first bet, it requires a detailed study of all the intricacies of the discipline. To properly understand the game, you need to know the rules of cricket, and they differ in part by the different forms of execution. Therefore, a promising strategy includes an accurate analysis of the relevant competitions and teams.

Twenty20, for example, requires a much more accurate player with the bat, as more runs are needed for a short period. On the other hand, a disciplined player with the bat is more designed for first-class games where he is harder to throw out of the game.

A part of cricket betting strategy is the weather and the associated nature of the pitch. The pitch, the essential part of the outfield, is of particular interest. The styles of different pitchers on teams are not always equally well suited to different angles. There are softer and harder pitches, some drier than others or overgrown with grass to varying degrees.

Dry pitches, for example, favor spin bowlers because the ball rotates particularly hard after pitching. Especially in longer games, a lot of sunshine can also change the nature of the pitch, which can steer the game in new ways.


Bwin is one of the most famous bookmakers on the market. The traditional company is also known for its excellent app. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, meaning the mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

When you open the Bwin app for the first time, you are in for a pleasant surprise: it introduces itself and gives the user brief information. However, it is disappointing that the overview page takes a long time to load, leaving an elegant impression. The user can bet on sports in just four steps.

Registration is done by entering a username and password. If the smartphone supports Touch ID, the user can also log in with a fingerprint. A positive point is the wide selection of sports betting, and thus, it is possible to bet on 30 sports.

The choice of payment methods corresponds to that of the beltway. Overall, the Bwin app makes an excellent impression. The menu navigation is intuitive, and it is a pleasure to use the wide range of sports betting.

The betting program, which never seems to end, including live betting, is easily accessible through the app. In addition, there is a perfect structure here always to have an overview. This is also very important, considering the wide range of offers at Bwin. In addition, Bwin provides information about which events and when they will be broadcast live.

Therefore, it is also advisable to use the Bwin sports betting app for anyone unsure which app to work with. Because there are almost no criticisms here – the test and experience reports that can be found online also prove that this is a great mobile app.


The first thing that catches your eye about the betway app is the confusing overview page. With 14 sports, the range of sports betting is smaller. However, betting turns out to be very complicated and unclear.

In particular, newcomers may lose interest in sports betting because of this menu navigation. Registration is done through a username and password. In Betway, there is also no age verification – the user only needs to confirm that he is of legal age.

Deposits and withdrawals are possible with all standard payment methods such as Visa, Paypal, or Mastercard. Overall, the app seems confusing and not very user-friendly in some places.


The 888Sport app can also have its advantages. It also offers an extensive range of sports betting. The app has a straightforward interface and is also available for iOS and Android operating systems.


1xbet is at the very bottom of our overall ranking of bookmakers, and the reason for this is that the betting offer in the app is in no way inferior to the PC version.

Everything works like clockwork when managing an account – whether it’s registering, transferring payments, or betting settings. The menu can be opened via the top fixed panel, displaying everything necessary to the user.

1xbet solves the problem of finding sports in its betting app with a sports panel that is visible simultaneously and can be moved around. To do this, there is another fixed panel at the bottom that says “Search sports.” There the user can also find information about sports and competitions.


Dafabet provides an excellent overall package, as reflected in our comprehensive testing rating. One of the strengths of the Scandinavian bookmaker is mobile betting and, accordingly, the betting app.

What can be said about the betting app? Dafabet provides one version for iOS and one for the Android operating system. It’s important to note that the betting app is divided into a Dafabet Home section and sports betting section. For example, in the Dafabet Home section, users will find the Help Center.

As for the betting program, users can take advantage of the full range in the Dafabet app. And all of this can be managed without much difficulty, and navigation allows users to quickly switch between the main betting program and live betting.

Deposit and withdrawal using a betting app

Depositing and withdrawing money through the sports best cricket betting apps is done in the same way as on a desktop computer. The client logs into their sports betting account as usual and select the option to deposit or withdraw funds.

Then he performs the desired operation. As a rule, bookmakers offer the same payment methods in the app as on the PC. Those who want to bet on the go naturally place a high value on speed. Two deposit options that work very quickly are PayPal and Paysafecard.

Is it worth downloading a cricket betting app?

If your trusted bookmaker offers an app, the question is whether to install it or settle for a mobile-optimized website. The mobile site works on any mobile device, regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS.

Windows users, for example, have no choice since most betting providers do not offer apps for Windows devices. Unlike an app, a mobile-optimized site does not require storage space on a cell phone.

Android or iOS cricket betting app: which is better?

There are no significant differences between the Android betting app and the iOS app – except that the iOS app is available in the Apple App Store, while the Android app can be found directly on the sports betting provider’s website.

If a user wants to choose one of the operating systems, they should buy a cell phone. And here, it is primarily a question of which operating system, Android or iOs, suits the user better, rather than which operating system offers slightly more apps.

However, it can be noted that the Android India cricket betting app, unlike the iOS app, works on smartphones from several manufacturers and tablets.

The iOS betting app, on the other hand, is characterized by the fact that the hardware and software are interconnected, i.e., they come from the same developer. This is noticeable, for example, in updates, and older iPhones may take longer to update.

Betting on cricket through Android

Google is behind the Android operating system. Unlike iOs, other manufacturers can also use this system. As far as online sports betting is concerned, Android runs on smartphones and tablets.

In the case of Android, however, only a few online cricket betting apps currently appear in the Google Play Store. The reason is that Google has banned sports betting apps from the Play Store until March 2021, and the launch of betting providers’ apps has not yet taken place.

Therefore, Android users have to resort to downloading APKs mostly. This means they need an APK file (Android app package) directly from the betting provider to install the sports betting app.

To do this, the user has to configure their security settings. This is because Google usually prevents users from downloading cricket betting apps in India not supplied by Google Play.

Under “Security,” the Android user must activate “Unknown sources.” The APK files can be downloaded directly from sports betting providers’ websites.

Cricket betting via iOS

For the Apple iOs operating system, users can easily download a betting app from the Apple App Store to their Apple devices, such as an iPhone or iPad. To do this, they enter the app’s name into the App Store, and it is installed directly on the device.

Before downloading, iOs users should check if their current operating system supports the betting app. It is possible that relevant sports betting apps cricket do not work on older iOs systems.