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Pokerstars – An ultimate Beginners Guide

When it comes to a fully licensed and secure platform where you will be able to play poker then Pokerstars is the first name that comes to mind. It is considered as one of the biggest poker websites online that is offering a considerable amount of games at every limit. The majority of the poker players totally depend on the pokerstars because they are offering a $1 million guaranteed tournament on Sunday.

 If you have sufficient information about poker then you will be able to participate in high-stakes cash games. If possible then you should find out a platform where you quickly make the access of pokerstars Freeroll password.  However, rare cash formats are available at Pokerstars like H.O.R.S.E and draw. If you have created a new account at pokerstars then you will get a $30 instant bonus. In the forthcoming paragraphs of Pokerstars India review, we are going to discuss important information about this platform.

Main Draws

Pokerstars Beginners Guide

It is one of the most popular platform that is continually focusing on the overall quality of the tournaments and games. They have already improved the quality and feature. If you are using pokerstars then you will be able to make the access extremely customizable. They are offering dozens of options to the players. It has already been rewarded as a great multinational website that is continually servicing the players equally from different regions. You will be able to access this platform in a variety of languages. A person can access a lot of deposit options for every country. If you are looking for pokerstars Freeroll password then you will have to consider a website where you can quickly access it.


If you have proper knowledge of the pokerstars then you should participate in the tournaments that are offering the $1 million to the winners. 

However, the biggest weakness of such a platform is competitive promotions.  They have already moved wisely in recent years. Pokerstars has improved their promotional and bonus offering. If you have created a new account then you will get a 100% bonus with a $600 cap.VIP system is rewarding the regular players with something extra. They have added an instant bonus option that doesn’t require unlocking via gameplay meaning micro-stakes players will surely be able to get it.

It is the best option for those who are prioritizing bigger tournaments and offering lots of cash game choices. It is the only platform where you can access a great reward system online. They are offering such a system for the high-volume players.

Legit poker platform

Pokerstars Beginners Guide

Nothing is better than pokerstars that are considered as legitimate poker platform. It is a fully licensed platform that is offering a lot of benefits to the poker players. It is an antique online poker website that is working as a massive payment processor like PayPal. You will be able to get a deposit bonus. If you are depositing $20 then you should enter bonus code and make the access of it.

The VIP club

Majority of the players totally depend on the generous reward system. 7 Kinds of VIP tiers are out there that require 100 player points every month. When you reach higher tier then you will be able to earn points frequently and will be able to make the access of better promotions.  However, if you are already part of the VIP club then you will surely get books, merchandise and tournament tickets as rewards.  You will be able to exchange the points with cash. However, lots of private VIP Freeroll tournaments are taking the place on a weekly basis.

Promotional bits & pieces

Pokerstars Beginners Guide

It has become a one of the great platforms that are providing promotions in the variety of the world like Asia, Brazil, Latin, Australia and others, as pokerstars india review represents. They have already improved their VIP system and deposit bonus. If you are using pokerstars then you will surely access extra tournaments and games. It is the best platform where you will be able to access the live tournaments and guaranteed events. If you don’t have much knowledge regarding poker then you should participate in the daily tournaments where you will be able to win from $10 to 50.

Moving further, it has become one of the best platforms that are continually experiencing a considerable amount of boost in traffic. The tournament traffic is really massive. A considerable amount of players are participating in tournaments where they can quickly make a lot of money. Make sure that you are playing the game smartly that will help you in winning a lot of money.

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