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Google’s New Fuchsia OS – Everything You Need To Know

What is Fuchsia OS

Fuchsia OS :Android OS and Chrome OS are the well-known operating systems of tech giant Google. Now the list is welcoming a new member Fuchsia OS.

Google has been working on this project secretly from 2016. As per Wikipedia, It was first appeared on the GitHub without having any official announcement from the company.

It is confirmed that Fuchsia will be capable of running Android apps using the Android Runtime. We have seen some new changes in the Android Open Source Project. Android’s Gerrit source code management has added with two Fuchsia-related repositories to the primary “manifest” for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

What is Fuchsia OS?

To say simply Fuchsia OS is a new operating system developed by Google. Fuchsia is quite different from Chrome and Android OS. It is not based on Linux kernels. Google has developed a new kernel for this OS called Zircon. It is matching enough that Fuchsia and the Zircon are both names of colors. This might help to clear up the confusion between the OS and the underlying parts.

As per Google statement, Magenta is aimed at “modern phones and modern personal computers,” and the internet of things devices. So I will not surprise to see Fuchsia appear on our smartphones one day.

Moreover, Google has even added Apple’s programming language, Swift to the OS. We don’t know the cause why they added.

To make the whole discussion simple, Fuchsia will use a specially designed software version of the Android Runtime. This will help Fuchsia to run Android applications. This particular version of ART (Android Runtime) can be installed on any Fuchsia device.

We know some surface level things and don’t have the idea about how Fuchsia will use the Android Runtime exactly.

Google has made many changes since we have seen the screen testing by Ars Technica. Many people expected that the Fuchsia OS will come with Armadillo UI. But, according to 9to5Android, Armadillo UI has been deleted. So we have to wait a while for the first look of the new UI.

The purpose behind Fuchsia OS

Many people forecasting that Fuchsia os will completely replace Android OS. But is it really? According to the latest report Bloomberg said, Fuchsia is a new attempt to unite the entire Google ecosystem under a single operating system. It has a goal to run smartphones, smart speakers, laptops and IOT devices.

According to a certain report, Google is planning to apply this on a small scale in the next three years. Then it will move to a larger scale and will target larger devices like laptops and desktop devices. But it is not sure shot.

According to a news media, Travis Geiselbrech, who worked on NewOS, Palm’s WebOS, BeOS, Danger, and iOS, and Brian Swetland, who also worked on Android and BeOS are involved in this project.

Features of Fuchsia OS

To say frankly, Fuchsia OS is still deep in early development. So we have not the proper data that tells all these things. We may see a completely new type of UI design in the coming days. The rumored UI design like this.

It is obvious that we can find a new UI design in the new OS. But it is interesting to see how much it is comparable to the existing Android and Chrome OS. Moreover, the optimized design for various size devices.

It is interesting to see security features because Google wants to skip the secure Linux kernel. Bloomberg also reported some conflicts within Google over Fuchsia’s security measures.

However, you can see some early features in the new OS. SlashGear provides a downloadable Android Package Kit (APK) of this OS. You can install it on your phone to check out the OS. But the APK file is based on Armadillo UI design which has been recently deleted by the company. But it is never recommended to install a highly experimental software in your phone. You can do so if you know what you are doing.

Final thoughts

It is too early to discuss the complete features of Fuchsia OS. As people are forecasting, its too far to see the Fuchsia OS replace Android. Android has set an unbreakable empire throughout the year. But as we know already nothing is permanent in this world. Things may change.

Better to wait until this year Google I/O. If we are lucky enough, we may get a chance to see the first look of Fuchsia OS.

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