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when Apple Airpods 2 release | Airpods 2 Specs

Apple Airpods 2 Specs

In The Year of 2016 Apple has Launched Airpods that truly give Wireless experience. Now Airpods first generation passes a long time since any upgrade. Apple has planned to launch Airpods 2 in the tarting of the year 2019. Airpods first version performs very well.

Airpods 2 Specs

New Chipset

Apple is used W1 chip in Airpods old version but now Apple is planned to use W2 chipset for next-level performance, better quality audio, connectivity, and battery backup. Apple is changing some control and add voice control function in Airpods 2. Apple also works for how much Airpods manage distance from phones and Tablet for better customer satisfaction.

Better connectivity

Apple Airpods 2 is coming with Bluetooth 5.0 and above version, so Airpods 2 is having better connectivity than old Airpods.

Wireless charging case

Apple already launched all wireless Devices a year ago. so, here is no big deal if apple gives wireless charging. as rumors, the Apple Airpods 2 is definitely coming with a Wireless charging case.

Noise Canceling Feature is come? 

The noise-canceling feature is pretty good while using Airpods in the Noising area. but it is a big question for all. here we have no details about it. but, keep connected with us, we will update these details as soon as we know confirmed details about it.

Better Audio Quality 

The New Airpods 2 is definitely coming with a great and improved Audio quality than old Airpods. 

Water Resistant Airpods 2 

According to some news, Apple is planning to launch water resistance Airpods. but it is not confirmed that water resistance Airpods is launch with which version of Airpods. Hope Apple will make the next Airpods 2 water resistance…

Apple is also working on the Design and shape of Airpods for a better grip of Airpods in the ear for a comfortable experience. some news says that the new Airpods have some Bio-metric sensors.  

Apple Airpods 2 Price

The all-new Apple Airpods price is slightly increased than older. the new Airpods is coming at the price of 150$-170$ according to some reports

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