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What Is Stock Android? Everything You Want To Know

What Is Stock Android

What Is Stock Android: We are living in a digital age. The Internet is full of smartphones and all the related things to it. Every month we can expect many new mobile launches having some advanced features.

It’s hard to imagine a world without a smartphone and especially Android. Android is the most famous mobile operating system having more than 2 billion users.

It’s been almost a decade past since the first official release of Android, but still, you can hear the query “what is Android”. Beyond that, you can see various custom Android. You may have heard the stock Android. But,
what is stock Android? We will find it in this article.

Before that, let’s start from the most basic one.

What is Android?

What is Android?: Android is an open source operating system (OS) developed by Google. As it is open source in nature, the source code is completely free and open for modification. Because of its solid base, it is using in various personal devices outside the smartphone.

Open source nature of Android allows companies to customize as per their like. To give a different user interface and creating a brand identity, major brands nowadays adapting their own customized OS. Some customer OS is MIUI (Xiaomi), OxygenOS (OnePlus), Yun OS (Alibaba), ColorOS (OPPO), Funtouch OS (Vivo) to name a few.

What is stock Android?

What is stock Android?: After knowing what is Android you may have the curiosity to know what is stock Android?

Stock Android is the most basic version of Android designed and developed by Google. It is also known as pure Android. This OS represents the base layer of Android packed with Google’s standard apps like YouTube, Google Drive, and Maps.

Stock Android devices run on the core kernel of Android as designed by Google. Unlike the Android open source, it is an unmodified version of Android.

It simply means device manufacturers have to install it as is. But don’t take it to mean it’s lacking in functionality. Google uses this version of Android in their flagship grade phones.

You may also hear about Android Go and Android One. What does it mean? Android Go and Android One are a specially designed version of Android for the budget market.

Android Go is a version of stock Android specially designed for lower-powered devices that don’t have the capability to run the latest version of Android. Android Go was launched recently. Its intention is toward low-end devices, especially for Indian markets. You may take Android Go as the successor of Android One.

Advantages of stock Android

Now you may have a clear idea about what is stock Android. So let’s move forward. There are many resign why people consider the stock Android as the most basic version of Android. Let’s find out.


One of the biggest difference between iOS security updates and Android security updates. Android devices are facing serious security issues and malware.

Device manufacturers who are using the customized version of Android take a very long time to give security updates. Because they have made many customization’s on the OS for different devices. They have to consider various things when releasing security updates.

But in the case of stock Android, Google develops quick patches and users can expect regular security updates. Manufacturers don’t need to customize the update and they have to just serve to the user.

The device manufacturer who is using stock Android carries a tag of “Pure, secure, and always up-to-date.”

Latest version update

Google releases an updated version of Android each year. But the companies who have developed customized versions of Android release late updates. Many customers spend years to get the latest version update if the device supports that.

In the case of stock Android users, they receive updates soon after Google releases them. Just like security updates, device manufacturers don’t need to customize them again for the respective handsets if they run the stock version. This makes the update process simpler and quicker for users.

No bloatware

Device manufactures made a significant modifications to the OS for catchy user interface and for some bloatware also. Yes, it sounds hard but its true.

Customize Android always comes with some Pre-loaded apps that are unnecessary most of the time. Just like Google has a giant store for apps and games but still, Samsung provides its Galaxy Apps for Samsung Galaxy devices.

This leads to a lot of unnecessary clutter with apps that user never use. Most of the time you can’t uninstall those apps.

But there is no concept of bloatware. You will get the apps what Google exactly intends Android too. You will not find any unnecessary apps there.

Improved performance

Performance is one of the major things each user need. Google is very serious in this matter. They have optimized the OS for better performance and better battery management.

You will also get more storage space than the heavy customize version of Android. The customized version of Android consumes lots of memory space because of some unnecessary apps.

In stock Android, you will get better performance and more free space.

Consistent design

Stock Android is built to be visually consistent. But the re-skin or customize Android often breaks the consistent design language. This may lead to a cluttered, messy feeling.

Final Thoughts

I think you have a clear idea on what is stock Android. Android is ruling over the world nowadays. Although major phone manufacturers have developed their own customized OS, stock Android has its own trend.

Even tech giant Google is using stock Android on their flagship level smartphones like Pixel devices. With the above advantages, many people like the stock Android.

If you are a fan of the catchy and fancy user interface, then the world is full of it. By the way, what is your favorite, stock Android or customize Android? Feel free to comment below and let me know.

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