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The Latest News on Indian Cricket


The world has now faced a critical situation where almost everything has been put on hold. In this time, even the world’s famous sport, cricket has also been affected and made the team India cancel its schedule to the countries Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, says bdmcricketindia.in. The BCCI has done the confirmation regarding this matter that the team India will not travel for the above-mentioned countries for the purpose of the bilateral series because of the pandemic which is running all over the world and even the travel which has been scheduled in the month of the august for the country Zimbabwe will also follow the same instruction.

Postponement of the match schedule

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Team India has been scheduled for playing ODIs and T20s with the country SriLanka and they are a total of 3 each from the month of June and the same for the country Zimbabwe will be starting in august and this has put a full stop. BCCI also made a confirmation regarding the match and the travel that the game will be only played when it is completely safe, and the board also has taken necessary steps in order to resume cricket both internationally and also domestically. All will start or resume only after the decisions taken by the state and the central governments.

According to the press release, the office bearers have been taking into the note of the government advisories and the board of the cricket is committed for the full compilation with the imposed restrictions and the issuance of the guidelines. The BCCI will be continuing the evaluation along with the study of the situation which is changing from time to time. Even the board of the SriLanka cricket team had made the announcement that the visit to India in the month of June will not be going on as per the plans which were made earlier.

On the other hand, there is no calling off of the tour completely between SriLanka and India by the two boards of the two countries, and BCCI along with SLC are going to remain committed to the Future Tour Programs. They will be looking for the window which is an alternative for the series which is limited over series. Even the country Bangladesh is likely to cancel its travel plans to SriLanka for the three-match test series, according to iplcricket.asia. The SriLanka cricket team board will be hoping the marquee series against the country India is green-lighted eventually. There is also an extension of the understanding of the SriLanka and the Indian cricket boards hosting the IPL potentially.


BCCI is going to remain open to shift the tournament out of the country India according to the IPL governing council chairman in a press release in this year if there is the requirement or any other need. COVID 19 has made a deep impact and gave a halt to the matches for all the sports and even for the game of cricket. This makes huge amounts of loss on the basis of money and the budget.