Is there protein in vegetables and what vegetables have the most protein

Is there protein in vegetables / benefits of eating vegetables everyday : Yes, vegetables have protein and many other nutrition’s, that is very important for our life. That is why doctors suggest to eat more vegetables to stay healthy. But many people believe that there is a absence of protein in vegetables(that is not true). Because there are many vegetables in which proteins are found in plenty. Let’s know about some vegetables protein and nutrition details.

what vegetables have the most protein / protein list in vegetables

Vegetables Name                            Protein/100 gm Vegetable

artichokes                                           3.3 gm

asparagus                                           2.2 gm

bitter melon                                       3.6 gm

broccoli                                               2.8 gm

cabbage                                               1.3 gm

cauliflower                                         1.9 gm

chili peppers, red                              1.9 gm

edamame, cooked                             11.0 gm

eggplant                                              1.0 gm

Green Bean                                         1.8 gm

kale                                                      4.3 gm

Leeks                                                   1.5 gm

lettuce, green leaf                             1.4 gm

okra                                                     1.9 gm

onions                                                 1.1 gm

potato                                                  2.0 gm

Swiss chard                                        1.8 gm

zucchini                                               1.2 gm

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